Its time that you took your real estate needs to the next level.

You’ve probably read a lot of buyer’s guides at this point and just want to get on with searching the market. You may even be receiving daily email updates from some unknown source.

While buyers are always a hot commodity, the revolving door service mentality can be a little daunting. Working with us can be a different experience.

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Selling your home often involves buying a new one too. Generally that’s the first thing that makes you want to sell your home in the first place. With the C&E Real Estate team we’re committed to helping you through both processes and making it as easy as possible.

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“We’re just like you, only real estate agents.”

OK, so we probably have several differences, but after our first meeting with a new client we are able to find many things in common, except that we happen to work in real estate and you need help figuring it out. And that’s a good thing! Our above statement reflects our desire to be approachable, honest, and professional.

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