Want to Update Your Property? Consider Concrete.

We offer concrete services in the Birmingham, AL area

Drainage When it comes to renovating your home, you might not give concrete much thought. But concrete features can look great in any area of your property, and concrete is easy to clean and maintain. Call C&E Real Estate and Construction today if you want to learn more about the benefits of concrete. We can install or refinish any concrete feature, from driveways to patios.

We also install concrete, stone and brick retaining walls. A retaining wall will enhance your yard's beauty and prevent soil erosion in your garden. Contact C&E Real Estate and Construction to schedule retaining wall installation in Birmingham, AL.

Add concrete features to your property today

C&E Real Estate and Construction is a trusted choice for concrete pouring. Reach out to us today if you need any of the following concrete services in Birmingham, Alabama:

  • Retaining wall installation
  • Driveway installation
  • Patio installation
  • Concrete slab installation
  • Basement and garage installation
  • Concrete refinishing

We can also install concrete steps, sidewalks and patios. If you need to remove cracked or outdated concrete from your property, you can hire us to tear it out. Call 205-337-2797 today for a free estimate on concrete services in Birmingham, AL.